Fashionable and Functional Jewelry in Full Swing.

I started making jewelry in 2006 when I was in college at Mercer University studying Elementary Education. I desperately needed a creative outlet from the rigor of academics so I taught myself how to make jewelry through magazines, books, and experimentation. (YouTube wasn’t available then.) In a few months, I was ecstatic to begin working at a local bead shop where I learned a ton about different types of beads and beading techniques. That is when my love of beads began. Eventually, I became so proficient in beading that I started getting commissions and teaching classes at the bead shop.

I named my store swingropeswing because I remember the rope swing in my grandparents back yard that I would spend hours swaying back and forth on. I love and cherish that innocent and simple experience and gain a lot of inspiration for my work from that light-hearted childhood feeling.

In 2024, I continue to bead daily and while my artistry, designs, and outlets have evolved and expanded, my commitment to personalized and quality handmade beaded mask and ID Badge lanyards, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces has never wavered.

Thanks for wondering about me and for swinging by. Take good care. Kristi